Why Autumn Life?

The Autumn of Life often causes us to think about spiritual matters. Questions arise such as, “Why does God allow pain?” “Why was my loved one taken so unexpectedly?” and “What’s heaven really like?”

The challenge is that people who face these questions aren’t sure where to turn. Many don’t have a church home or a pastor with whom they have a friendship. But they still need someone they can trust and talk with who takes time to listen.

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That’s why Rev. Jerry Amstutz began Autumn Life in 2004. Known for his relational skills, people quickly feel comfortable with Pastor Jerry. He delights in bringing friendship, encouragement and hope to those in the Autumn of Life and those experiencing an Autumn-like time, such as bereavement.

In addition to leading Autumn Life, Jerry has pastored Methodist and Baptist churches.  An avid baseball enthusiast, Jerry is a lifelong Atlanta Braves fan.  He and his wife Julia have been married for 40 years and have two adult children and a grandson.

Rev. Brad Urlaub became our Assistant Director in 2022.  Brad is also the Lead Pastor of St. Mark Lutheran Church in Janesville.  He and his wife Sabrina enjoy biking, hiking, and playing games with their five-year-old daughter Ariana.

Bringing friendship, encouragement and hope to those in the Autumn of Life.

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Rev. Jerry Amstutz
Executive Director

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