Memorial Services

When family members suffer the loss of a loved one, where can they turn if they want a pastor to preside at the celebration of life? Autumn Life can help.

Before the service, an Autumn Life pastor will meet with the family, and carefully take time to learn the life story of the deceased. This ensures a heartwarming, personalized eulogy that honors the memory of the one who has passed away.


Thanks to years of experience, Autumn Life can also assist in designing the rest of service. This can involve readings, music, other eulogies or unique ways to make the service even more personal.

Autumn Life also follows up with the family after the service to let them know of our care and to see if there’s any additional way we can be of help. Further, a free newsletter that assists in the healing process is available upon request.

We are honored to work with those who are grieving and commit to do whatever is possible to help in their time of need.

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Rev. Jerry Amstutz
Executive Director

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